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New Non Site Sponsor Guideline....
« on: August 06, 2014, 04:42:42 PM »
New rules for Non Site Sponsors
   NEW RULES updated: August 2014

Just letting you all know that i have been reviewing the rules regarding commercial/retail/business selling by shop owners, dealers and other individuals making parts and then selling them on this forum.

Just be aware that this forum does not run itself for free, there are costs involved, and hence i do have to charge to advertise on the forum... without doing this, this forum will eventually disappear off the internet. Which would be a great loss to all MCD'ers around the world.

Basically there will be four levels, the levels will be as follows:

Level 0:  Free of charge;
You are permitted to post in the Non Sponsor Topics section only. Non paid sponsors will be allowed to post links, but a restriction will be in place to prevent spammers from going overboard with their posts/links. This section will not be visible to Guests or Newbies, only members that have 5 posts and above will be able to see this section and post here.

Level 1:  $30 per year;
You get a dedicated location to allow all members, including Guests, to know about your products.  You can post here as much as you like, unrestricted.  You can also post within other topic areas if it is related to what a member is asking help for. Visible to all members including Guests, all members can post new topics or reply to existing ones.

Level 2:  $60 per year;
You get Level 1, plus your logo on the right side of the forum. Image size 120x120 pixels, this image will be clickable, and will take the members browser directly to your website.

Level 3:  $120 per year;
You get Level 1, Level 2, plus a logo banner at the top of the forum. Image size 320x100 pixels, this banner is also clickable.

Any members wishing to sell their second hand MCD parts are still permitted to post an ad in the Trading Post section.

Hope everyone understands this..... any general questions please post here... any sponsorship inquiries please contact me directly via a Personal Message or via the Contact page