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Good Afternoon all,
Noob to the forum but not a noob :good: wanting to get into some parking lot goofing around and I own a 03' Ford Focus SVT or ST-170 to some. On a Google search I saw the MCD Ford Focus body. I know they are looking no long out of production but was curious if anyone had one stashed away or in need of repair. Shipping would be to the USA and I have no problems stepping up for the body and shipping.

Would also entertain the Mitsubishi or Puegot 206 as Tommi and Marcus were 2nd and 3rd behind my all time favorite being Colin.

Thanks for the look, send a PM or respond here and I'll get back to you.

Hi !

I Happen to have one MCD Ford Focus Body Shell , I've bough the chassis with body shell. Since it was a chassis for presentations,  the body shell was used few times and it's in good condition. I did not run with this body shell yet , so it is as I bought it. If you really into it , I can trade. I send you this bodyshell , and you send me one.
I can send pictures if you are still interested.


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