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Topic Notification System
« on: August 29, 2014, 08:13:25 PM »

Very sorry, but the other night I was sort of playing with some of the settings regarding Topic Notifications and I somehow enabled the feature for all members.

Although it is possible to reverse this and disable it for all members, I have decided to leave it the way it is now.  Mostly because, I cannot put it back to the way it was.... some members do actually use the notifications and some do not.

So, my apologies to those that are finding that they are being annoyed with constant emails telling you of updates to a topic that you have posted in.

You may reverse this yourself by following the following instructions...

Firstly click this link...;area=notification

It should take you to YOUR notification page within YOUR profile;

Step 1:  You'll need to un-check the box titled "Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic", then click "Save"

Step 2:  Then you'll need to remove any topics from the list in "Current Topic Notifications", by checking the boxes on the right side and then clicking "Unnotify".

Note if there are no topics in the "Current Topic Notifications" list you don't need to do Step 2 as you haven't posted since I made the change.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but if you do find it useful just ignore this post and leave it as is.

  :D  Franco