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Guidelines for posting in the TRADING POST
    updated: June 2014

* You must have a minimum of 5 posts to start a new topic in the For Sale section.
* The 5 post restriction does not apply to the Wanted or Trader Feedback sections.
* The 5 post restriction does not prevent you from replying to existing topics.
* You may post links to your items for sale on eBay, however, just remember this is not an auction site; so keep your bidding on eBay.
* When selling please state a price for the goods, their condition and a current picture of the item.
* Posts cannot be edited including subject titles.
* Private sellers only, commercial selling by shops/businesses is not permitted.
* No phone numbers or email addresses to be listed in the text.
* If the rules are not followed your topic will be edited or removed.

Other Notes:

It is recommended that all new members introduce themselves here New Members and Visitors. In doing that you will quickly gain the 5 posts required.

A new Trader Feedback section/system has been implemented within the Trading Post category of this forum.  This has been set up to help with providing feedback with regards to members' good or bad conduct when selling or buying.

MCDRACINGFORUM.COM, including its Administrators and Global Moderators are not responsible for any transactions between members on this site, be it good or bad.

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